Nile Cruise Day 1: Luxor Temples


After a buffet lunch on the boat, it was time to meet our guide, Robert, and get a coach back to Luxor for our first of many temples for the next four days: Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple.

There are a lot of temples on this cruise – so either be excited at the prospect or deal with the fact that you are going to be temple’d out by the end! I was the excited-kind.

Karnak is absolutely massive and we only scratched the surface of the ruins. The temple was added onto many times over the course of centuries by many different rulers. As we arrived late afternoon, there wasn’t much time to go off and see everything. After a guided tour of the main sights and an introduction to ‘What to Look for in an Ancient Egyptian Temple’ – a pylon, courtyard, columns area and ‘holiest of the holies’ which would be repeated everywhere we would go for the next four days, we were free to explore for half an hour.

It was busier here than in Cairo, but it wasn’t hard to escape the hoards of groups. We managed to find a quieter part of the temple and get some nice snaps!


After Karnak, we went straight to the smaller Luxor Temple. Work is currently being done to reconnect the two temples so people can walk between the two again. Not sure I would do that in this heat… In front of this temple is an obelisk. Its identical twin which stood next to it, is now the one that stands in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. The sun was setting and was bathing the temple in a lovely glow.


That evening, we watched a belly dance show on the cruise and another type of dance, Dervish, originally from Turkey. The Dervish dancing was absolutely mind boggling and impressively skilled.


After dinner, we decided to have an early night as we would be up at 5am the next morning to go to the Valley of the Kings!


7 thoughts on “Nile Cruise Day 1: Luxor Temples

  1. Do you wish you had more time at Karnak? Karnak is included as one of the places to see with my cruise in October but I have 1.5 days in Luxor as extra before the cruise, so do you think I should make time to see it longer during my own time?


    • Karnak is lovely and very big. We didn’t see all of Karnak as we only saw it as part of the cruise.
      If you want to see it all then go before the cruise as well. But our visit was more than sufficient and we got to get time to explore a bit on our own where we went to quieter parts of the temple. Hope that helps?

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      • Yes thank you for replying! I think it seems sufficient with the cruise but if we have some spare time we may consider a visit before then :). Our cruise does not include some of the tombs on the west bank of Luxor so we will already plan to see some of those separately.

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      • You can only see 3 tombs with one ticket for the day at the Valley of the Kings and pay extra for Tutankhkamun’ s tomb. However our guide picked the best tombs with the most intact decorations as the others we could have visited were not as impressive – e.g. walls damaged due to tomb robbing. That’s probably why your tour doesn’t include everything. There are only 9 tombs open in total at the moment there.


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