The Next Adventure: A New Continent!

2017 was truly an incredible year with regards to travel; it saw me visit Europe three times, Easter in Japan AND three weeks backpacking South America. However since my last trip in November, that’s been it – I am braving the cold, dark nights in the north of England …until the next destination in Spring!

I don’t have a bucket list per-say, however the amount of places I want to visit are close to endless, and ever-growing. Mostly the fault of my fellow adventurous bloggers on WordPress! With limited time due to work, and a budget, it is becoming harder and harder for J. and I to decide which destination we should put first for Easter 2018, as we want to see them all! It took us two months of researching and late-night conversations to finally pick SOMEWHERE, anywhere. Flitting between Jordan, Morocco, Costa Rica, India, Sri Lanka, Cuba…. we couldn’t decide.

We finally agreed on a continent that is still untouched on my scratch-map, and a country whose history has fascinated me since I was a child – Egypt! James already visited when he was a kid, but it is somewhere he wants to return to, luckily!

I remember all the video tapes as a child in my house were recordings of documentaries of Ancient Egypt, I owned a million books on the subject and the first job I wanted to have when I was 7 was to be an Archaeologist or Egyptologist. Difficult words to spell at that age…

Up until this point, we have solely focused on budget-travel. Backpacking and organising our own itineraries and flights. We were students and that was fine for us. This trip is a big shift as it is our first luxury holiday. Not only are we staying in 5* hotels, but we have left our travel agent to sort out everything for us; from our flights, transport, guides and drivers. It does feel bizarre to be so detached in the planning for our upcoming holiday, but it is equally less stressful, which is what you are looking for when you are exhausted from work! All I need to worry about is choosing my outfits.

It is very exciting to do a different kind of travel. Especially as after coming back from holiday the last few times not feeling so relaxed due to all the moving around and having to sort everything out ourselves, and roughing it in budget accommodation. It will be so lovely to do a totally different kind of trip.

We will be visiting Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and doing a Nile Cruise between Luxor and Aswan.

Have you been to Egypt? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know in the comments.



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