How I landed with a FREE Business Upgrade!

Checking in for our flight back home on our mobile app, J. tells me he just saw something he couldn’t believe. It sounded like it was something bad… Hands shaking, he is unable to speak. Snatching the phone from him, my eyes adjust to the screen to read our ticket status: ‘Club World.’

We had been upgraded to Club World (Business Class) for free for our 12-hour flight back to London! Could we believe it? NOPE! Dancing around our hostel room in Lima, we were in shock.

We had paid a little extra for Economy Comfort on the way back, which might have helped us  get to the top of the list to get upgraded. We are also OneWorld/BA Blue Members – free so it’s worth joining. The thought of experiencing business class for our flight back was enough for me to not feel too sad about heading to the airport the next day and leaving Peru behind. A flat bed to sleep in for the flight!

We arrived at the airport to find a huge queue for the BA check in desk, but we were able to waltz through to the Club check-in.  Rucksacks on our backs, jeans and a t-shirt, we definitely didn’t look like business class ticket holders. The disbelief of the other travelers – we looked like the worst backpackers ever (aren’t backpackers meant to like save money, not splurge?!). Something similar happened when we were upgraded last year on our flight from Bangkok – the check-in desk lady refused to let us in the Business Area as she didn’t believe we could be in Business… awkward…

We got through security and made the most of arriving early at Lima airport for the Lounge which had WiFi, snacks and drinks. It was the night of the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale at 8pm local time, and I was sitting with HBO on the TV! Unfortunately our flight had to board 10 minutes before the episode started – go figure.

After dinner on board, it was time to get some sleep in my flat bed-seat. Only 12 hours until we would be back in London. I usually find it so hard to sleep on flights, but this time I slept like a log! I woke up disorientated mid-flight, not sure what the time was. I asked one of the cabin crew how long there was left, and she said that we would be back in an hour and that they were just about to serve breakfast. I had slept the ENTIRE flight?! J. was still sound asleep so I had to wake him up.

Business class sure made the long flight feel like it was nothing, and I stepped off the plane well-rested and not ratty for a change! It was 2:30pm when we landed and we somehow managed to get through security, grab our rucksacks, go to the toilet and still catch our train home at 3:03pm – amazing!

It was a bittersweet ending to the most incredible journey. Three weeks came and went by so quickly. We definitely made the most of every minute but I was exhausted due to being on the go every day. When I made it back to my house, I did nothing but sleep for five days, gathering up my strength to go back to work for the new school year. Business class does not prevent jet lag it seems, haha.

Have you ever had a free flight upgrade? Do you have any tips that have helped you? Let me know in the comments!

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