Lima for FREE

We had made it to Lima, the last stop on this whirlwind journey through Chile, Bolivia and Peru. With one day left in Peru before our flight home and with dwindling bank accounts, this is what we did all for free!

Go for a stroll

Lima has plenty of parks and places to go for a late afternoon or early evening walk. We loved the Miraflores Boardwalk which hugs the coastline. Start at Lacromar, a new shopping area on the cliff edge, wander around for half an hour before going right along the coast.

Along the way, there are lots of lovely little parks, benches, sports facilities and viewpoints to take in the Pacific Coast. We enjoyed seeing all the cute dogs – many fancy breeds showcased around too!

What we didn’t expect however, was 6 teenage girls run and scream after us because they thought J. was Ed Sheeran because of his red hair (oh dear…). They were desperate to get some selfies with him. He enjoyed his 2 minutes of fame. After all the selfies and Chinese ladies wanting to get pictures of him in South East Asia last year, we thought with only one day left of our trip that we had got away with this not happening on the trip – so wrong.

I especially loved the Parque Kennedy, or as it should be called- The Cat Park! There are about twenty cats who call this park their home, where they are safe and are well fed. It was so cute watching them frolic about in the flowerbeds or hide themselves high up in the tree branches. We saw a man on his lunch break who had brought a can of tuna, so his feline friend could join him for lunch. If you love cats, this is a must!


Then we had to pack our bags to head the next day to the airport for the 12-hour flight home.


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