Winter Update 2018

Happy New Year 2018! These last two weeks of winter holidays have been bliss. We have not really done anything significant other than celebrate Christmas and New Year with too much food. There were no big parties or travels, mostly just keeping warm, baking, board games and spending a bit too much in the sales. This was the break I needed though, a lazy one.

I managed to do some work though, so I am all planned to go back to work on Monday and I have paid the final installment for the next big trip which I am so excited to announce soon!

I am still researching and considering other travel destinations to visit this year – Europe and/or a little further afield – on a budget – as we have splurged a bit on the big trip (it was totally worth it!).

Where are you jetting off to in 2018? Where do I have to visit this year?

Let me know in the comments,


One thought on “Winter Update 2018

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