Summer Update

All has been quiet on the blogging front over the last few months since my break to Amsterdam and Brussels, but reality has been far from it. This is just a short post to let you know what’s been happening, and for what to expect in the upcoming posts!

In the last few months, I:

  • took my final university assignments, 10 exams and 4 essays in total, which added up to about 50% of my final degree mark – so glad that’s over! There wasn’t much (read: any) travel/fun during that time.
  • escaped very quickly after exams to South East Asia for 4 weeks. We travelled North to South Vietnam, across to Cambodia and finally into Thailand. Got some much needed Vitamin D along with some unforgettable memories and strange but hilarious stories to share.
  • came back to a 2:1 in my degree (!). Graduation was the most incredible day I have had in recent years that I can remember; it was so special to celebrate 4 years of hard work with my friends, family and coursemates.
  • left my beloved Sheffield, my university city. Said goodbye to friends who all seem to be moving abroad for the foreseeable future. I moved an hour away to a new area, where I don’t know anybody, which disappointingly has very few PokéStops… but what it does have going for it, is it does have a Sainsbury’s, so at least I won’t starve.
  • have been preparing for my new life as a MFL Trainee Teacher starting in September. Mostly by trying to make my wardrobe sophisticated enough so that I will be able to convince the kids I am old enough (young face problems)!


I am so looking forward to sharing my South East Asia Series on the blog with you. There is also a trip to Italy at the end of August that I am squeezing in before my course starts, so I only have three weeks of anticipation before I jet off again. In the meantime, I am hoping to see more of Yorkshire now that I have a car; English heritage sites and trips to the coast are on the cards!


Trip to Hathersage/Peak District on my last day in Sheffield!



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