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Reykjavik Photo Diary and 1-Day Itinerary

Reykjavik is the world’s northernmost capital. The name means ‘smoky-bay’ in Icelandic and it’s where 60% of the country’s population live. Sheffield may be Europe’s greenest city, but Reykjavik is the greenest city in the world! It was a charming place to start our week-long trip to the country, but instead of talking about it, let’s just experience it:

(Scroll down to see 1-Day Itinerary)

Hallgrímskirkja Church
Hallgrímskirkja Church
View from Hallgrímskirkja church tower
View from Hallgrímskirkja church tower
Inside Hallgrímskirkja church
Inside Hallgrímskirkja church
View from Hallgrímskirkja church tower
View from Hallgrímskirkja church tower
Rainbow Road from Reykjavik PRIDE in August 2015


Inside the Harpa
Inside the Harpa
Outside the Harpa
Outside the Harpa
Inside the Harpa
Inside the Harpa
Inside the Harpa
Inside the Harpa
The Sun Voyager sculpture
The Sun Voyager sculpture
Interior of Café Babalú
Interior of Café Babalú. Their cakes and cookies are great. Don’t forget to go to the upstairs bathroom and write something in the Visitor’s Book while on the toilet…
Mexican Vegetable Soup in an Irish Pub… in Iceland
This cat has made it in life: sleeping on a woolly jumper in a clothes shop window
What colour do you prefer? I like the blue on the far left.

We arrived in Iceland on the evening of Thursday 3rd September 2015. After a delayed flight, we took the FlyBus Shuttle Service (1 hour) straight to our hostel in Reykjavik city center where we were staying for two nights.

We had one full day on the Friday to explore the city before we got our hire car to explore the Golden Circle and Southern Iceland. Look below to find our itinerary for the day:

Our 1-Day Reykjavik Itinerary:

  • Picked up food for breakfast at a supermarket across the road instead of hostel (to save money!)
  • Hallgrímskirkja Church. Entrance fee to go up the tower: 800ISK (worth going up)
  • Walk around historic center
  • Budget Lunch @ Celtic Cross: soup in bread bowl (delicious). 1490ISK
  • Marvel at the incredible architecture in the Harpa Concert Hall
  • Walk along the habour and then see the Sun Voyager Sculpure
  • Reykjavik Photography Museum: a small museum above the library with some collections by local photograhers
  • Aurora Reykjavik (recommend) 1200ISK. A small interactive museum to find out about the myths and scientific explanations behind the Northern Lights. We didn’t get to see the real thing during our trip though but there was an area where it gave advice on how to take pictures of the Northern Lights on a DSLR which was useful for whenever I do get to see them…
  • Café Babalú (highly recommend) for cake and a hot drink
  • Budget Dinner @ Noodle Station for dinner (highly recommend). Chicken noodle soup: 1420ISK. Vegetable and beef soups also available
  • Accommodation: Hlemmur Square hostel

What are your thoughts on Reykjavik?



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