Purple Heather carpets the landscape: Snake Pass, Derbyshire

The infamous ‘Snake Pass,’ is a twisting road in the Derbyshire region of the Peak District, between Glossop and the Ladybower Reservoir and is a drive to love and hate; notorious for its frequent icy conditions in winter, it is often closed! Its many blind bends make it challenging enough at times to drive when the conditions are good.  Yet when the sun is shining and it’s warm enough to roll the windows down, the Snake Pass turns into an incredibly scenic drive.

Since I started studying in Sheffield for my degree, I have driven back and forth on the Snake Pass many times. It is my favourite part of the drive from the Wirral to Sheffield when the weather is good due to its fantastic scenery. I have been driving to Sheffield most weeks this summer, but my drive on my weekend to York was particuarly enjoyable for one reason…

Driving into the moorland area, I noticed the purple heather was out in full bloom! It may sound like a small thing, but it was truely spectacular to behold. Admittedly, it was incredibly difficult to concentrate on the road because the views were so amazing! I had to pull over to take some photographs and absorb the natural beauty for a few minutes before I could jump back into the car, to only continue with “Oooh! Aaah! Awww it’s so pretty!” with each turn in the road opening up to more incredible scenery.

Of all the times I have driven this route, this is the first time I have decided to pull over, so that is something! .

I’d have loved to drive somewhere into the Peaks to go for a walk and see more of the purple wonder, but I didn’t have the time. I’d really recommend walking in the Peak District/Yorkshire moors, mid to late August, as this way, you can appreciate the purple heather adorn the landscape with its vivd colour.

Maybe next year?

Purple heather on the Snake Pass

Purple heather on the Snake Pass

Beautiful views on the Snake Pass

Beautiful views on the Snake Pass



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