The Final Five Weeks To-Do List

It’s come as a surprise that I only have five more weeks left in Salamanca, before I pack up my room and head home. When I first arrived, I was full of energy – eager to see all the sites and places of interest in my new city. Since settling in back in February, I started seeing it more as a home instead of a place to explore and there is still so much to see and do! So here’s to my last full month in Salamanca, and hopefully this list will give me some inspiration for distractions to stop me going insane during the exam season…

1. Climb up the Cathedral Tower at night: 23/05/15


Streets of Salamanca

2. COMPLETED!  Go to Atelier (tapas bar) and El Laurel (restaurant): these are both veggie places and I have been recommended to go to both by quite a few people. I couldn’t leave without going to them at least once! El Laurel was especially great and wwill return before I leave. I loved the onion soup and the gaucamole was amazing – and normally I hate guacamole!

Next: La Hoja restaurant

3. Visit the Museo Taurino: bullfighting museum. I’d find this interesting, especially as it is an important part of culture here in this region, and also after experiencing Carnaval de Ciudad Rodrigo. Plus, my Year Abroad Project title has been accepted which is on bullfighting, so maybe this will come in useful.

3. General Archive of the Spanish Civil War: this is right by my flat, it’s free, doesn’t take long to visit (20 mins), I should take a detour and go in one day on my way home.

5: Climb up the tower of the Scala Coeli Torres de la Clerecia: another gem plain in sight that I have yet to do.

6. COMPLETED: La Malhablada: this is a place that offers 15 minute “micro-theatre” plays. Something different to do one evening.

7. Go inside the Casa Lis one more time: I have been twice already and it is my favourite place in Salamanca. The building itself is absolutely beautiful.

Casa Lis ceiling

Casa Lis ceiling

Casa Lis

Casa Lis

8. Go to the cinema again: I’ve been a few times already, but it’s a great way to listen to Spanish and relax for a few hours. – La Famille Bélier, Suite Francesa,

I doubt I will be able to do all of these things, but it shows that although Salamanca is a small city, there are a lot of things to do. Despite it not being included in the list, I also intend to eat a lot of frozen yogurt becuase, frozen yogurt.

Hasta luego,


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