Culinary delights of Mérida | Part 2

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We managed to not have one bad meal during our weekend trip to Mérida, which was wonderful. It would be a sin not to share my two favourite finds during our stay. Maybe if you are heading there sometime soon, these may make their way into your itinerary as I would recommend them for price, quality, atmosphere and service.

We enjoyed our lunchtime meal so much on Saturday in a small tapas bar nearby to our hotel called Entrecañas, we had to return the next day for more! It’s one of those gems that I discovered on my TripAdvisor app, which I doubt I would have ever found on my own. Its menu is extensive and there are plenty of options for meat-lovers, vegetarians or picky-eaters. I just wish I could pack the place all up and place it nearby on a small side street in Salamanca, so I can continue to eat its savoury delights for the rest of the semester, and then maybe take it back in my suitcase to Sheffield for next year. If I could have some Basque pintxos bars next door, that would also be amazing! I think we are on to something here…

We enjoyed tapas on the Saturday and on the Sunday we had combination lunch meals. My favourites were the chicken in breadcrumbs (the best I have ever tasted!) and the Beef Stew tapas pot (the meat melted in your mouth and it reminded me of my mum’s pot of Scouse Stew) and the chips on the side were crispy. Let the pictures just speak for themselves:


Sheep cheese, a potato thing, tuna bites, and chicken bites in the background


The beef stew (with a half-eaten portion of chips – oops!), queso de oveja (Sheep cheese) and fried cod

Chicken in breadcrumbs, chips and salad combination meal

Chicken in breadcrumbs, chips and salad combination meal

For our Saturday night meal, we agreed we felt like an Italian meal. Again, looking up my trusty TripAdvisor app, I found a restaurant with some great reviews – Ristorante La Trattoria, but it was quite a trek from our hotel. Determined to eat only the best pizza in Mérida, we set off on a 25-minute walk for our dinner, okay it wasn’t that far. The food did indeed live up to its TripAdvisor ratings and I had a delicious pizza! The desserts were very generously portioned off as well…  What we appreciated the most about our find, was that we were the only non-locals in the restaurant. Everyone was Spanish and looked like they were from the area. Going a little bit out of the centre is good to get away from the tourist-traps.

So yes, Mérida is a small town but you should not be short on good food for a reasonable price. My meals in Mérida averaged as 10€ with a drink, so you don’t need to break the bank.

I was advised that as Mérida was small, there would not be much to do there. But by taking our time to soak up the sites, relax and enjoy the food, I had a fantastic weekend and it is definitely worth the stop.

Restaurant Details:

Entrecañas, C/Félix Valverde Lillo, 4, Mérida

Tapas bar

Ristorante La TrattoriaPlaza de Los Escritores 6, Mérida

Italian Restaurant



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