Lisbon Update

As I have mentioned once or a thousand times, I am studying in Lisbon this July for a language summer course. I am so excited, especially after having visited during a weekend in March and having fallen in love with the city!

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I thought that after booking my course and my flights, it would be a good idea to look into accommodation as it is mid-April.

View of Lisbon

View of Lisbon

I guess the fact that July is prime tourist season, it makes accommodation more expensive and it gets snapped up quickly. I had a rude awakening last night when I realised this. Especially as I am so used to seeing an abundance of student properties available all the time posted on Facebook for Salamanca, that are both reasonably priced and in good locations. Maybe Spain has just made me too chilled, accommodation-wise. There doesn’t seem to be much of this culture for Lisbon, well, sure, plenty of activity online for the next academic year for the new influx of Erasmus students, but I am not going in September, I am going in July!

After trawling through many options, some of which had no windows, others didn’t have proper beds (?!?!), yet still double the price of what I pay in Salamanca, I was wondering how much it would cost me to stay in a hostel for a month. If that would even be possible. I am so relieved though now to announce I have been accepted to stay in a studio flat in the hip Bairro Alto, very close to the metro for me to get to uni every morning.

Street art in Bairro Alto from my trip last month

Street art in Bairro Alto from my trip last month

Okay, when I was first looking, I decided I would live anywhere BUT Bairro Alto. Although it’s a very cool neighbourhood, it is also the center of nightlife in Lisbon and despite loving the vibe walking through the cobbled streets when I visited the quarter twice during my trip, it would be so noisy at night to try and get to sleep. I really hope this won’t be the case for me, because that’s where I have ended up living! I have accepted my fate, but I am living very central, which is what I wanted more than anything (and by a metro stop!) and I will never be far from a vinho verde or restaurants to choose from in the evening. I’m actually excited to live there now.

So, this goes to show that not getting what you necessarily wanted doesn’t always turn out all that bad. I’m mean, at least this place has windows!


Walking through Bairro Alto

Até Julho, Lisboa!!



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