The Stunning Casa Lis, Salamanca

Although being a Sunday, I was surprised by how many places were open today, that being mostly the supermarkets and the Casa Lis museum, on top of all the food outlets. Walking around the city, it’s clear to see that this is a catholic country; everyone was out in their Sunday best, the ladies in their fur coats in the cold, walking back from church. I felt so underdressed in my converses and purple anorak.

IMG_0165 James and I headed down to the river for the first time and visited the Casa Lis, a museum high on my list of things to do in Salamanca

IMG_0177Entry is 4€, or 2€ for students which is nothing. It is possibly one of the most stunning buildings I have ever visited and I would go back in a heart beat. The stained glass windows are artwork in their own right and I would happily spend hours feasting my eyes on the different colours and the light reflecting into the rooms.

IMG_0181The museum itself offers a variety of paintings, jewellery, glass, furniture and small sculptures, many of which I drooled over, they are just so beautiful. There was just so much detail in such intricate things. There was just one room I didn’t go into, and that was the porcelain dolls room, possibly the largest collection as well. Dolls just freak me out! There is currently an exhibition on, ‘Salamanca, 1900’, until March 2015 which gave some great insight into Salamanca’s past during this era and the growth and change it has seen in merely 100 years with a wealth of photographs, videos and artefacts from the city. Apparently in 1900, with only 23,000 inhabitants, only 5% of the population attained the age of 65.

Apparently taking photographs ise prohibited in the museum, however I didn’t realise this until the security guard had to come over and inform me of this unfortunate reality. Oops. It is such a beautiful building to photograph, so it was quite disappointing. He did say that there were postcards to buy in the gift shop, which I thought was great because I could send them to my family and friends. Were there any? Nada. However, I did manage to take two photos beforehand – phew! They did have some wall posters those which were quite cheap, so I may go back so I can adorn my bedroom wall with Art Deco/Nouveau beauty.

IMG_0183Suffice to say, if you come to Salamanca, even for a day, and you like art, the Casa Lis is a must. It has affordable entry, you don’t have to spend hours walking around the place (1 hour, tops) and the building itself is worth coming to visit. This is my first visit here, but it is definitely not my last. Jjust another thing on my list for why I already love this city!

Hasta luego,


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