Arrived in Salamanca!

This morning I moved in to my new piso (flat share) in Salamanca. A few steps away from a taxi rank, pharmacy, local shops and The Body Shop (yes, I nearly screamed when I saw it!), it’s a straight 15 minute walk from the Plaza Mayor and the university buildings.

My room is only small, but I don’t have many belongings with me, which makes the small space just enough for me for the next semester.

I arrived in Salamanca on Thursday evening, after what felt like the longest coach journey, travelling in the middle of no where from Madrid-Barajas airport. My first impressions of the city are that it is simply beautiful. The centre seems to be always lively with a strong student vibe and there are so many things of interest, despite being in a compact area.

Yesterday, I visited the museum of the university, where you can visit the original seminar rooms, chapel and library of the university, dating back to the XIII century. I have also been to the Plaza Mayor, the heart of the city where there is always something going on, and also one of the biggest and grandest of all of its kind in Spain.

It’s safe to say that my first few days here have been fantastic, if not a little exhausting. Salamanca is a great city and I am really looking forward to living here for the next five or so months! Although it is quite (really) chilly at present, I know the weather will warm up in the coming weeks to unbearably hot temperatures, so I must not complain too much.

There is a lot still for me to do: i.e. actually enroll at the university, go to welcome meetings, choose classes, take a Spanish levelling exam for my intensive course I must start in two weeks, finish writing my Rapport de séjour for my stay in France… but there are many Erasmus events in the pipeline that I am hoping to attend. There is a lot to look forward to this semester.

I will write more over the coming week of how I am settling in. For now, here are some pictures I took during my first few days. I purchased a new camera before I left for Spain, in the hope of taking much higher quality photographs!

IMG_0068 (2)IMG_0077

IMG_0074IMG_0086IMG_0079IMG_0089IMG_0105IMG_0112IMG_0114IMG_0119IMG_0130Hasta luego,



4 thoughts on “Arrived in Salamanca!

    • Gracias 🙂 I can see why you like it so much even though I have only been here a few days! So lucky to be here on my Year Abroad. When I see your posts about Paris, I will try to not get toooo jealous. (It’s my favourite city!)

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