Preparing for Israel, exam results and stuff

This afternoon I went to a pre-orientation event for my upcoming trip to Israel with Birthright (in 4 weeks and 1 day). It was great to meet a few people who I will be travelling with. Since I signed up in February, I didn’t know anyone going, so it’s good to know who I will be experiencing this amazing opportunity with. I couldn’t be more excited to travel this summer – it is all now very close and very real.

The major topic for the day was safety and security during the trip. With Israel being a hot topic in the news at present with the current crisis, it is reassuring to know that safety is the utmost-priority and that there are many security measures in place.

The meeting gave a good flavour of what to expect on the trip:

1. There was good food – this is important!

2. It was open-minded: we had an informal discussion about our views. It was a very open space, it was also good to be able to express your ideas or views without judgement.

3. It was educational: we made an intention to decide what we want to get out of this this trip. I feel that visiting the country will educate me in ways I haven’t been able to understand before.

On the trip we will be encouraged to learn about and connect with our faith, our fellow participants and Israeli people.

In other exciting news, I got a 2:1 in my exam results for my 2nd year at uni (!!!!!). This means I passed, and can now officially proceed to the Year Abroad. I feel SO relieved right now and I could not be happier 🙂

Off to Poland this Friday. I will blog about what I am up to when I arrive 🙂

Until then 🙂


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