Visting Bath, UK

Since studying the Cambridge Latin Course during secondary school, and learning about Aquae Sulis in Britannia (or Bath, England as we better know it today), the inner-Classics geek in me has been eager to visit Bath for quite a few years. Lucky for me, my housemate Harriet at university lives nearby ,so it was lovely to spend a few days with her before we go off on our Year Abroad, and visit a part of the country I have never been to before.


Batman and Robyn

Me at Aquae Sulis

Me at the Roman Baths

The journey was a nightmare; the train between Stafford and Bristol broke down and was delayed by 2 hours (no air conditioning, no toilet facilities available and no open windows on a hot day turned the situation into a train journey from hell). Then on the return journey, there was another delay which resulted in me missing my connection back to Liverpool. The silver lining was being able to get a full refund on my train tickets! Despite the journey, I had a wonderful few days!

We arrived early at about 10am for the Roman Baths and stayed for two hours. It is £11.70 for a student ticket. The baths were already quite busy with tourists but it was not unbearable. I opted for a free audioguide in Spanish whilst Harriet opted for one in Japanese; I don’t think the lady behind the desk was too convinced Harriet was Japanese and that I was Spanish, but it was good language practice for us and we both managed to understand what was being said which is a good thing.

We then lunched at the Roman Baths Kitchen opposite the museum and ate a tasty salad. Then we picked up some fudge next door, as I have never actually tried any before (it was amazing!) and I am sure to dream about this stuff long after this trip. The staff were friendly and even give a demonstration on how the fudge is make, full with free tasters!

My first ever experience of fudge - it is amazing! Belgian Chocolate Swirl <3

My first ever experience of fudge (Belgian chocolate swirl)! It was amazing. 

After a bit of shopping and visiting Mr B’s Bookshop Emporium (… and drooling over pretty books for about an hour) and a flying visit to the Royal Crescent, it was time to say goodbye to Bath.

At The Royal Crescent

At The Royal Crescent

I really recommend a trip to Bath; it is so beautiful and rich in history. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to visit Bath Abbey as there were university graduation ceremonies during the day of our visit sadly. I also forgot to pick up the iconic Sally Lunn bun from Bath, but at least these are more things to tick off my list next time I visit!

The Frigidarium, it looks so cold!

The Frigidarium: it looks so cold!

Attempted tranlating some Roman tombstones. It was a section of my GCSE Latin History of the Roman Army paper. H.S.E. Hic Sitius Est (Here he lies)

Attempted tranlating some Roman tombstones. It was a section of my GCSE Latin History Paper on the Roman Army!

Harrie's cat Pickle, she's soooo cuteee

Harrie’s cat Pickle, she’s soooo cuteee



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