I have a place to live!

So, it’s (almost) official: I have somewhere to live in Perpignan for the first semester of my Year Abroad! All I have to do now is send the landlady my signed copy of the contract and transfer the deposit before next week!

I also received the calandrier universitaire yesterday (everything is now happening at once!), so now I know when I need to be there. Classes commence Monday 8th September, so I have decided I would ideally like to fly out to settle in around the 25th August (a few days after I fly back from Israel – cue exhaustion alert-).

It’s a lovely-looking villa right by the university (no more crawling up and down hills in Crookes, Sheffield for a year!) and I will have 6 housemates (villa-mates?!). I found this place by contacting a girl at Sheffield in 4th year, who went to Perpignan on her Year Abroad. I feel better about organising where I am living before I go out there, because it’s from somewhere reliable:

Where I am going to live in Perpignan!

Where I am going to live in Perpignan!

The thing which I am starting to find out about the Year Abroad first-hand, is that it is putting me in situations which I have not been able to prepare for in French class. There were no classes like: How to Read a French Student House Contract or How to Set up a French Bank Account I and II. I haven’t even got there and already my French is being seriously tested (le parle le français…je pense…).

Okay, it is quite nerve-wrecking, but everyone else on their Year Abroad is in the same boat. Also, when you think about it, this is giving me practical lessons in how to handle these tough real-life situations, something that a role-play in speaking classes will never really fulfill.

I have come across several new words from this too, so it’s expanding my vocabulary and understanding of high-register français. I have here some phrases below that I have learnt, along with some others I do know already, which can come in handy under this topic:

Un demeurant – a resident

Le bailleur – the landlord

Ci-après – hereafter

Dépôt de garantie – deposit

États des lieux – inventory

Paraphes – initials (you might need to put your initials somewhere on each page to prove you have read the terms and conditions of the contract)

Le locataire- the tenant

Le loyer – the rent (cost of the rent)

Le colocataire – the roommate/housemate

Le colocation – housesharing

Un coloc (slang for ‘a flatmate/roommate’)

As I fly out to Poland in two weeks today (!!!) and I am having flying visits to Sheffield and London between now and then, I have two things on the top of my list of Things-To-Do: sorting out my Mobility Insurance for my Year Abroad and looking into how to get insurance for my student room in Perpignan.

I have just got home from spending a lovely few days down south in Bath with my friend and uni housemate of two years, Harriet (who’s blogging about her upcoming Year Abroad in Japan, which you can find here). I will make a post about Bath soon, because it was really amazing and I loved it 🙂



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