Teaching, travel and bye bye Sheffield

I finished my two-week placement assisting the Languages Department at King Edward VII’s School yesterday. It was a really rewarding and eye-opening experience as I am considering teaching as a profession after my degree. Being mistaken for a 12-year old Year 7, or sometimes a Year 10, became a daily occurrence over the last two weeks; I guess I should take it as a compliment that so many people believe I look 8 years younger than I actually am! Although, many students thought I was Spanish and I had to let them down saying I was actually English, so that’s a plus.

This weekend I am moving out of my student house here in Sheffield at last. Lots of cleaning and hoovering happening right now.

I am also lucky enough to have already started sorting out accommodation for my Year Abroad in Perpignan and Salamanca too. I am in the process of writing lots of complicated emails in French and Spanish asking about contracts, bank accounts etc. and pretending to keep my cool like I know what I am doing, as the system in the UK is different. It’s quite a lot to take in, however the realisation that I am flying out there in two months is now starting to sink in!

As I have previously mentioned, I will be spending 3 weeks in Poland next month. I have decided to visit Warsaw for 3 days between my time in Wroclaw and Krakow. So now, I intend to be seeing quite a bit of the country during my time there 🙂

Also going down to London in 2 weeks for my pre-orientation day for my trip to Israel with Birthright. I received a very packed itinerary by email the other day. It includes: hiking, volunteer work, visiting a kibbutz, camel rides, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Shabbat meals, Yad Vashem, the Dead Sea and so much more. I am so privileged to have been given this opportunity 🙂

Whilst I had my car here in Sheffield over the last few weeks, I tried to make the most of it and went to visit Chatsworth House, home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. It was stunning,especially the gardens and I would recommend going there during the good weather! Here are a few photos:

Chatsworth House 10435987_10154269524620447_2882723258579345398_n 10437434_10154269534945447_1420540098890614534_n 10447055_10154269532795447_8552221636307104233_n 10471000_10154269535445447_3567549389621628653_n


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